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It's one of our specialties, making sure our clients are always secure and comfortable.



Description of this project

At Optimal Group we are pioneers in Costa Rica in the area of ​​security and contingency plans. We love and are passionate about ensuring the safety of our clients, which is why we developed the security division for residential and industrial use.

These bunkers are a simple and economical way to have day-to-day contingency plans from your home to your office. Just contact us and we will advise you in the best way so that you and your family can be calm in any situation.


Technical information


Average price per m²

From $2,290

Maximum terrain tilt

10 degrees

Delivery by location 

All the Country

Minimum area to build

12 m²

Minimum delivery/building time

2 months

International export

Worldwide business

Maximum area to build

120 m²

Type of construction

Reinforced Concrete

Included designs

Building blue-prints

Terrain/location restrictions

The terrain restrictions is the important information that the client needs to take in care when the hire our building services.

The bunkers can't be built with underground waters present. When the soil tests tell their are clays or rocks present, the cost per m² will be higher.

Important disclaimer's

In Costa Rica the building blue-prints are not the same of the construction permits given by the government and the local government. The cost of this permits is between the 3% up to 8% of all the cost of the project.

The delivery location for any of our products may vary the cost per m².


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