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Alegría Village

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A Sustainable Paradise in San Mateo, Costa Rica

Joy Doesn’t Come at the End of the Road. Live in Joy Now.


Welcome to Alegría Village, an innovative ecological neighborhood situated in the scenic hills of San Mateo, Alajuela, Costa Rica. This unique community is committed to the principles of regenerative living and sustainable design, creating a harmonious environment where residents can truly live in joy.


Project Overview:

Alegría Village spans 70 hectares (170 acres) of lush, fertile farmland. The village is a testament to sustainable living, featuring extensive permaculture food forests with hundreds of fruit trees, thriving edible community gardens, and crystal-clear springs and creeks providing a fresh water supply. The property is interwoven with hiking and biking trails, offering endless opportunities to explore and connect with nature.


Community Amenities:

- Private Land and Homes: Each resident enjoys their own private space while being part of a cohesive community.

- Shared Facilities: The village boasts a variety of communal amenities, including:

  - Community Center: A vibrant hub for social gatherings and events.

  - Pool and Hot Tub: Perfect for relaxation and recreation.

  - Yoga and Meditation Shala: A serene space for mindfulness and wellness practices.

  - Coworking Hub: An ideal setting for remote work and collaboration.

  - Permaculture Farm: A model of sustainable agriculture and food production.

  - Sacred Spaces: Quiet corners scattered throughout the property for reflection and spiritual practice.


With over 135 neighbors from 32 different countries, including many Costa Rican families, Alegría Village is a melting pot of cultures and experiences, fostering a rich, diverse community life.

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Airbnb Business

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Develop Your
Own TreeHouse

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Alegría Village


Alegría Village gained international recognition through its feature in a popular Netflix documentary episode. The episode, titled "Joy Doesn’t Come at the End of the Road. Live in Joy Now," beautifully captures the essence of this extraordinary community.

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