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This design is perfect for your dream home at Costa Rica Tropical Forest.

Jungle House


Description of this project

Our tropical-luxury hideaway.
A home designed in harmony with the environment. This hideout raised the bar of what a jungle stay should be like. A contemporary living space that has everything to make you feel at home but, tucked away in nature.

The space, with an open living area accented by nature's most exuberant scenery, the space features high ceilings, teak features, and tasteful furnishings/decor. The outdoor space integrates with the inside. A huge kitchen and family room connects with an open terrace, a deck, a breakfast bar, and a private pool, overseeing the trees and river. We designed the house to present nature as the main amenity, and with the wood accents everywhere, nature seems to come inside the house.

Each room has A/C, ergonomic anti-allergic 5-star mattresses, blackout curtains, and a balcony to enjoy the vast jungle outside. The main room has a king-sized bed, a private bathroom, a walking closet, and a tub that makes other tubs jealous. The other two rooms have twin beds, built-in closets, and a shared bathroom.


Technical information


Average price per m²

From $1,500

Maximum terrain tilt

15 degrees

Delivery by location 

All the Country

Minimum area to build

150 m²

Minimum delivery/building time

7 months

International export

Costa Rica only

Maximum area to build

800 m²

Type of construction

Steel frame

Included designs

Building blue-prints

Terrain/location restrictions

The terrain restrictions is the important information that the client needs to take in care when the hire our building services.

When the soil tests tell their are clays or rocks present, the cost per m² will be higher.

Important disclaimer's

In Costa Rica the building blue-prints are not the same of the construction permits given by the government and the local government. The cost of this permits is between the 3% up to 8% of all the cost of the project.

The delivery location for any of our products may vary the cost per m².


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