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Build your brand new hotel or resort with a unique interior design and amazing experiences develop by our Optimal team.

Optimal Hotel Rooms


Description of this project

Optimal has the perfect fit for your budget and your expectations. Designing your new business development is like playing LEGO “Move, add, create”, we help you create your wildest dreams ever, but never leaving behind the budget to making financial logic projects. Worrying about the climate of your development, don’t worry anymore! In Optimal we help you with the perfect fit of construction material, structural designs, architectural creativity, top engineers, unique decorative setting and the know days most important part the experience of the clients. The size of the projects doesn’t matter at all, we are prepared to scale our models from four tiny residences until what the client needs are.


Technical information


Average price per m²

From $1,095

Maximum terrain tilt

45 degrees

Delivery by location 

All the Country

Minimum area to build

30 m²

Minimum delivery/building time

3 months

International export

Worldwide business

Maximum area to build

120 m²

Type of construction

Steel frame

Included designs

Building blue-prints

Terrain/location restrictions

The terrain restrictions is the important information that the client needs to take in care when the hire our building services.

When the soil tests tell their are clays or rocks present, the cost per m² will be higher

Important disclaimer's

In Costa Rica the building blue-prints are not the same of the construction permits given by the government and the local government. The cost of this permits is between the 3% up to 8% of all the cost of the project.

The delivery location for any of our products may vary the cost per m².


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