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This high revenue design meets all the standard to develop a 5 star hotel or just a unique boutique hotel.

Tree House


Description of this project

Floating over the top of the trees, this house is
tucked away, surrounded by a magnificent landscape and a small creek (in raining season), setting the perfect mood for a romantic getaway or a relaxing time off. And did we mention there is a hanging bridge?

The space
The house has an open plan living and dining area, and glass walls so you can soak in the dramatic jungle scenario at all times.

It also has a terrace, a deck, and a jungle plunge pool, overseeing the creek. At night, you can light up the magical string lights to enjoy a late-night swim. Sit down on the rocking chairs, read a book while indulging in the breathtaking scenario, or
have breakfast by the pool.

And last but not least let's talk about rest,
after all, that's what you're coming for right?

The house has two bedrooms with AC, private showers, ergonomic anti-allergic 5-star mattresses, and blackout curtains to ensure a good night's rest. The main room has a queen bed and the second room can be either 2 twin beds or 1 king-size bed.

The only complaint we've got is people don't want to leave.


Technical information


Average price per m²

From $1,250

Maximum terrain tilt

30 degrees

Delivery by location 

All the Country

Minimum area to build

120 m²

Minimum delivery/building time

3 months per unit

International export

Worldwide business

Maximum area to build

300 m²

Type of construction

Steel frame

Included designs

Building blue-prints

Terrain/location restrictions

The terrain restrictions is the important information that the client needs to take in care when the hire our building services.

When the soil tests tell their are clays or rocks present, the cost per m² will be higher.

Important disclaimer's

In Costa Rica the building blue-prints are not the same of the construction permits given by the government and the local government. The cost of this permits is between the 3% up to 8% of all the cost of the project.

The delivery location for any of our products may vary the cost per m².


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